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VIMMA is a band and a philosophy for a sustainable human-nature relationship. VIMMA is 2020s Tulenkantajat and Ultra Bra. VIMMA was awarded as The Newcomer Of The Year 2020 in the Finnish World Music Awards, although VIMMA doesn’t play world music. It was due to our imaginativity. 


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Let’s just agree on where we stand: we all know that at this rate, suffering will increase rapidly as ecosystems collapse. Obviously we have a moral responsibility to act, but we also have to do it for our own sake. We want to live without having to fight for our lives. To make this possible, we must reform our human-nature relationship. 

For this purpose, VIMMA was created. ”Vimma” is a Finnish word for the feeling of wanting power to influence the world. VIMMA has a goal: to make you love nature. Through our art, you can get in touch with your inner feelings and overcome denial. Only by interacting with the deepest emotions, such as love and empathy, we can build a real movement and truly make a difference. 

The feedback we have received indicates that we are doing something right. We have been described as the “new punk”, and people have said that our performance has had a huge impact on them. We still have much more to offer and every new song and gig leads us closer to our goal. One day, every VIMMAs performance will be an event for us to connect with each other, our emotions and the world that surrounds us. 


- Pessi Jouste, bandleader 



Album - Meri ja Avaruus / Space and Ocean, 2019

Studio Live EP (2019)




25.9. Helsinki, Kapsäkki



19.6. Helsinki CANCELLED

24.5. Online

28.2. Porvoo, Grand

25.2. Suomi Areena Goes Eduskunta


26.11. Amsterdam, De Kroon
21.11. Helsinki, Semifinal
2.11. Espoo, Gallows Bird
28.9. Helsinki, Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival, Kapsäkki
17.8. Kylmälä, Observatory Festival
14.8. Helsinki, Etno-Espa Festival
11.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
9.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
18.5. Helsinki, Arabia Street Festival
16.5. Helsinki, Tenho Restobar
14.5. Tampere, Eclipse Jazz Club, Kulttuuriravintola Kivi
19.4. Lahti, Tirra
23.3. Helsinki, Lavaklubi
8.1. Helsinki, Bar Mascot


13.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

14.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
29.6. Helsinki, Espan Lava
15.6. Tampere, Pispala Sottiisi, Laikku
14.6. Tampere, Laikunlava
17.5. Helsinki, On the Rocks
3.5. Helsinki, Fazer Cafe Kluuvi
28.3. Helsinki, Gloria, Loiste Festival
25.3. Espoo, Loiste Festival


15.11. Tampere, Ravintola 931
14.11. Helsinki, Bar Loose
2.9. Tampere, Tammelantori
12.7. Tampere, Laikunlava
28.4. Tampere, Huurupiilo (Vimma EP release)


13.-14.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
7.6. Tampere, Laikunlava
9.1. Folklandia




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Johanna Sauramäki: johanna@saurabooking.com, +358 50 5481793


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Eclipse Music Finland: http://www.eclipse-music.net

Tapio Ylinen

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Pessi Jouste: pessi.jouste98@gmail.com

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