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VIMMA is a young art-pop ensemble from Helsinki combining Nordic folk with progressive rock. VIMMA creates a massive sound with specific arrangements while also leaving space for artistic interpretation and improvisation. The band’s music is mostly composed by its producer and violinist Pessi Jouste. Vimma is a Finnish word for furor and excitement that represents the artists’ passion for imagining utopian worlds and awakening their audiences to bring about change for a more sustainable future. Topical lyrics and spoken word poetry bring extra vitality and excitement to the energetic music.

VIMMA crows and clatters, whispers and rustles. In this art-pop in the spirit of Finnish folklore, sempiternal melodies mix with the young Helsinki-based artists’ reflections on our hectic contemporary world.

VIMMA invites the listener into an irresistible sway, occasionally pausing in to ponder in quiet pools of thought. VIMMA urges you to set yourself free and to surrender to its forcefield.

The shared melodic tales of the violins and the saxophone guide the listener through cinematic paths, into the delicate silence of the unpredictable woods of progressive rock. The lyrics paint mystical landscapes from the edges of the world. Timeless wavelengths refract in the cracks of interfaces, turning into polychromatic dialogues about the unfeasible and the feasible.

In October 2019 VIMMA released a debut album Meri ja avaruus (Space and Ocean, Eclipse Music). VIMMA is nominated for The Newcomer Of The Year at the Finnish Ethno Gala 2020.



Album - Meri ja Avaruus / Space and Ocean, 2019

Studio Live EP (2019)




28.2. Porvoo

25.2. Suomi Areena Goes Eduskunta


26.11. Amsterdam, De Kroon
21.11. Helsinki, Semifinal
2.11. Espoo, Gallows Bird
28.9. Helsinki, Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival, Kapsäkki
17.8. Kylmälä, Observatory Festival
14.8. Helsinki, Etno-Espa Festival
11.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
9.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
18.5. Helsinki, Arabia Street Festival
16.5. Helsinki, Tenho Restobar
14.5. Tampere, Eclipse Jazz Club, Kulttuuriravintola Kivi
19.4. Lahti, Tirra
23.3. Helsinki, Lavaklubi
8.1. Helsinki, Bar Mascot


13.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

14.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
29.6. Helsinki, Espan Lava
15.6. Tampere, Pispala Sottiisi, Laikku
14.6. Tampere, Laikunlava
17.5. Helsinki, On the Rocks
3.5. Helsinki, Fazer Cafe Kluuvi
28.3. Helsinki, Gloria, Loiste Festival
25.3. Espoo, Loiste Festival


15.11. Tampere, Ravintola 931
14.11. Helsinki, Bar Loose
2.9. Tampere, Tammelantori
12.7. Tampere, Laikunlava
28.4. Tampere, Huurupiilo (Vimma EP release)


13.-14.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
7.6. Tampere, Laikunlava
9.1. Folklandia





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