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VIMMA is one of the most interesting names in the Finnish indie music scene. The seven-piece band's music combines indie rock, art pop and ethno with powerful lyrics about environmental activism.

How deeply do we realise that we are living in the midst of mass destruction and catastrophe? All the means to solve ecological crises exist, but the political will is missing. The emotions arising from these thoughts are explored in VIMMA's new album Tornadon silmässä (In The Eye of the Tornado), released on Friday 13 October 2023. The album takes listeners on a journey that delves deep into existentially unstable times and offers support in moments of collective collapse. The album was produced by Janne Oinas, recorded by Matias Koskimies and released by Nordic Notes.

VIMMA's music is composed mainly by the Saami Pessi Jouste and the lyrics are written by the charismatic actress-singer-director Eeva Rajakangas. The other members of the band are violinist Roope Jokinen, guitarist Kalle Outila, pianist Aino Kallio, bassist Santeri Kettu and drummer Aapo Lankinen. VIMMA, who released their debut album Meri ja avaruus in 2019, was awarded as Newcomer of the Year at the 2020 Etnogala and is now nominated at the 2023 Emma Gaala on the Critics' Choise category.

"This one [Tornado's Eye] is destined for more awards and spots on critics' year-end lists, I think." - Gary Whitehouse, A Green Man Review

”Vimma is certainly one of the most interesting bands fighting for our planet’s survival right now.” – Simon Broughton, FMQ




Vimma - Sateenkari ja Ilmapallo (1)_edit

Sateenkaari ja ilmapallo

Vimma - Antrasiitille (1).jpg


IMG_6937 (1).jpg



16.2. Kalevan navetta, Seinäjoki (MARS)


15.12. Lutakko, Jyväskylä

18.11. PaPaNa, Inari

17.11. Grande, Rovaniemmi

5.11. Ö-talo, Riihimäki

4.11. G Livelab, Tampere

11.10. Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

26.8. Espoo, Kannusali

17.8. Helsinki, Tulppiksen taiteiden yö

28.7. Tampere, G-Livelab Tampere

20.6. Helsinki, Maunula-talon Kesäaukio

29.6. Seinäjoki, Provinssi 2023

17.5. Helsinki, Espan lava

13.4. Helsinki, Kuudes Linja


23.11. Helsinki, Teatteriravintola Nyyrikki

28.9. Tampere, Lost in Music

24.9. Helsinki, Metsämarssi

15.9. Helsinki, ykistyistilaisuus

25.8. Helsinki, Huvilanranta

18.8. Helsinki, Juhlaviikot

13.7. Banyoles (Spain), JMI Global (showcase)

2.7. Helsinki, Musiikkitalo

8.6. Helsinki, Valtioneuvosto

15.4. Helsinki, Oranssi


8.10. Helsinki, XR Finland's Autumn Rebellion

30.9. Tallinn Music Week

20.6. Helsinki, XR Finland's Spring Rebellion

10.7. Tampere, G Livefest

14.5. Online, The AGIMA Showcase Festival 2021



25.9. Helsinki, Kapsäkki

21.6. and 27.6. Online, Harmony Fields (Japan)

24.5. Online, Artlab Studios (Helsinki)

28.2. Porvoo, Grand

25.2. Suomi Areena Goes Eduskunta


26.11. Amsterdam, De Kroon
21.11. Helsinki, Semifinal
2.11. Espoo, Gallows Bird
28.9. Helsinki, Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival, Kapsäkki
17.8. Kylmälä, Observatory Festival
14.8. Helsinki, Etno-Espa Festival
11.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
9.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
18.5. Helsinki, Arabia Street Festival
16.5. Helsinki, Tenho Restobar
14.5. Tampere, Eclipse Jazz Club, Kulttuuriravintola Kivi
19.4. Lahti, Tirra
23.3. Helsinki, Lavaklubi
8.1. Helsinki, Bar Mascot


13.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

14.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
29.6. Helsinki, Espan Lava
15.6. Tampere, Pispala Sottiisi, Laikku
14.6. Tampere, Laikunlava
17.5. Helsinki, On the Rocks
3.5. Helsinki, Fazer Cafe Kluuvi
28.3. Helsinki, Gloria, Loiste Festival
25.3. Espoo, Loiste Festival


15.11. Tampere, Ravintola 931
14.11. Helsinki, Bar Loose
2.9. Tampere, Tammelantori
12.7. Tampere, Laikunlava
28.4. Tampere, Huurupiilo (Vimma EP release)


13.-14.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
7.6. Tampere, Laikunlava
9.1. Folklandia

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